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7 Things Not To Do As A New Drone Pilot

By Nikolai Vassev September 16, 2018 0 comments

If you have just purchased your drone, taken it out of the box and are ready to fly this guide will ensure you keep your drone safe and sound and that you get the hang of flying it as soon as possible. The first thing you need to know is that these are not merely remote-controlled toys, they are fast, easily breakable and can also cause some serious damage.

I'm sure you have seen the numerous drone fail videos on youtube and don't want to be one of them. If you haven't here are some good ones that will get you to think twice about not being careful.

 Most people are not anticipating a crash, most likely they are not concentrated, experienced or missed valuable lesson on what not to do as a new drone pilot. 

Here are our 7 things not to do as a first-time drone pilot! 

1. Never fly before reading the manual or without watching instructional YouTube videos 

Yes, we feel your nerves. You have just purchased a new drone and really want to plop it open and immediately start flying. So any mention of reading a manual is not savoury at the moment. But first things first, a drone is no toy remember! If you don’t understand how a drone operates, you are likely to crash it.

Since drones are bought with partially charged batteries, why not charge the battery while you diligently peruse the manual? Or, alternatively, if your concertation span for reading small print manuals is difficult ( like ours ) then try watching YouTube videos. 

Here is the best video to watch as a beginner: 

 2.  Never fly indoors 

As an inexperienced new drone pilot, you may be persuaded to fly it indoors. Sure, your concerns and worries about crashing on power lines and other hazards sound genuine but you don't want to crash into your TV. The whirling blades are quite dangerous, especially in an enclosed space? Unless you have a very minute toy-like drone, never try flying drones indoors.

It is advisable to use open outdoor spaces to hone your skills as they provide a less stressful environment for learning. We recommend a football field or a parking lot as the best places. If you are flying at the park make sure you are not near any trees as you can get your drone stuck.

3. Never fly near airports or tall buildings and be aware of penalties 

Make sure you are aware of the laws and that you avoid flying near tall buildings and airports. One of the cardinal sins you can ever commit is to get into trouble with authorities over your hobby. Some countries are serious about enforcing their laws so you need to be careful. Some infractions are more enforced than others, for instance, flying in the unrestricted airspace is a big no-no with a $5,000 fine in Canada. Flying within five miles of a heliport or airport is not allowed and can get you in a lot of trouble as well.

4. Don't fly too high, too far or over open water yet 

Certainly, it is an exciting experience to behold the surreal spectacle of your drone flying high and higher and higher. As a new pilot, temper your ambition with precaution, get the hang of all controls first and then go for flying high. Failure to do so, your drone may lose radio communication and crash into the water or from a really high distance ( remember Drone Crash fail #1 from the video) 

Similarly, flying over open water is very dangerous. As a matter of fact, electronics and water are not the best of friends. Exposing your drone as a new pilot over a huge water mass is instigating an accident to happen. So do yourself a favour by avoiding this risky area until you become a more skilled pilot. 

5. Never fly at night.

It's not a good idea to fly at night because you cannot clearly see the aircraft and its onboard cameras cannot pick your bearing? As you get more experience you can get LED flash propellers installed on your drone so you can see the flashing lights to locate it. But in the beginning, avoid flying at night until you are comfortable and have the right equipment.

6. Don't fly with first-person view googles just yet 

Sure, first-person view googles can be great fun to use when flying drone, but I doubt their appropriateness for new pilots. You need to focus on understanding the basics first. Understand the flight is already an ominous task focus on that and then use first-person goggles

7. Stay focused at all times.

Remember this is a new hobby, and like anything else, there is a learning curve. Before you start dreaming of flying a drone from a moving car as you have seen in some YouTube videos, learn the ropes of the trade well. The best example for distracted flying is when someone attempted to film a music festival only to get their drone destroyed: 


You now know what not to do as a new drone pilot and we hope that you never crash your drone.

Good flying! 

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