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Mushroom Tea for Headaches

By Alex Sekella November 18, 2019 0 comments

Mushroom Tea for Headaches

Everyone, at some point of their lives, suffers from a headache or migraine. The truth is that if for most people they can only last a few hours, but many for others headaches can affect their quality of life.


Headaches and migraines usually have a trigger; something that acts as the onset of the headache or migraine. One of the things that you may not know is that these triggers may not be the direct cause of the headache. Instead, they can provoke the start of a headache if you are more prone or increase the severity of the pain

Most Probable Causes of Headaches & Migraines

While there are many different causes of headaches and migraines, there are some that are more probable than others. Here are the most common causes:

While there are many different causes of headaches and migraines, there are some that are more probable than others. Here are the most common causes:

#1: Stress

No matter if you have some personal problems, issues at work, frustrations or even if you suffer from depression, these can be the trigger for your headaches and migraines.

One of the things that you may not know is that migraines originate due to changes within your brain. When you are dealing with a stressful event, for example, there are some chemicals in your brain that are released to fight this situation. These chemicals may alter the blood vessel dilation and cause migraines.

#2: Seasonal Changes

A lot of people tend to experience headaches and migraines during seasonal changes. Just think about those days that start sunny and, in the afternoon, changes to clouds and rain. The reason behind this is the fact that the hypothalamus is very sensitive to seasonal variations.

#3: Sleep Deprivation

There’s no question that you need a good night sleep on a daily basis. While for some this may only mean sleeping 7 hours a night, for others they might rely on sleeping 9 hours each night. But when you are unable to sleep the number of hours your body needs to rest, you will suffer from sleep deprivation. Insomnia or poor-quality sleep can cause headaches and migraines.

#4: Poor Posture

Poor posture is related to many health problems and conditions. So, if you are a desk worker or you need to be in the same position for many hours a day, you need to make sure that you sit or stand with the right posture. Even when you are relaxing on the couch or driving home from work, you want to ensure that you pay attention to the way you sit.

The reality is that when you don't have a good posture, the pressure on your neck, shoulders, and back will increase. And this may be the trigger for your headaches and migraines.

#5: Certain Smells

Certain smells such as house paint, air fresheners, perfumes, fragrances, household cleaners, among many others contain chemicals that can trigger headaches and migraines. So, the best thing you can do is to avoid these whenever possible.

#6: Hair Accessories

While you may have never thought about it, the reality is that certain hair accessories can actually trigger headaches and migraines. Just to give you an example, a simple but tight ponytail may cause strain on the connective tissue of your scalp. And this may lead to a headache. Headbands, braids, and even tight-fitting hats can also do the same thing. So, just pay attention to your hair accessories.

#7: Hormonal Changes

A lot of women tend to suffer from pre-menstrual pain. And sometimes, this pain comes with a headache as well. While you may think that a headache has no link to that period of the month, the reality is that it does. After all, when your estrogen levels vary dramatically, both before and during your menstrual period, you may get a headache or migraine.

#8: Foods & Nutrition

Paying attention to your diet is always a good thing to do not only for your overall health but also to prevent headaches and migraines. The reality is that there are some foods that tend to trigger migraines and headaches while others can help you prevent them. So, looking at what you eat on a daily basis is something that you should definitely consider doing.

When you are making changes to your diet, be sure to include whole, natural foods that don't have artificial flavorings or preservatives. According to the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM) there are some foods and beverages that are considered safe for people who tend to suffer from migraines and headaches. These include:

  • Rice, especially brown rice
  • Spring, carbonated, and tap water
  • Natural sweeteners or flavors such as vanilla extract or maple syrup
  • Cooked or dried fruits, especially cranberries and cherries
  • Green, yellow, and orange vegetables such as spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, and summer squash.

Furthermore, the Association of Migraine Disorders and the

American Migraine Foundation, state that you should try to avoid too much meat or dairy in your diet. In addition, the American Migraine Foundation also makes sure to alert that your headaches or migraines may be caused by a deficiency of the vitamin B-2. So, according to them, you should watch your intake of animal products while ensuring you’re getting enough grains and mushrooms.

Mushrooms for Headaches & Migraines

While for some people mushrooms may be a cause of migraines and headaches, the reality is that this is highly unlikely. After all, mushrooms are filled with powerful nutrients that include antioxidants, fibers, vitamin D, and vitamin B-2. These nutrients can actually help you prevent migraines instead of causing them.

So, unlikely to what you may have already heard or read, you can definitely eat mushrooms for migraines. In case you prefer beverages, you can also drink mushroom tea. You will be able to drink it as often as you want, at any time of the day, and this can be a good help to prevent migraines and headaches.

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