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Mushroom Tea Magic

By Admin October 16, 2019 0 comments

Mushroom Tea Magic

The Magic of Tea, How it Can Heal and What Has Led Tea to Be the Second Most Popular Drink… Next to Water.

Tea has always had a special place in the human story. Since its origins in ancient Asia, people have been drinking tea for nutrition, for healing and for the distinct pleasure of a hot cup of wholesome, herbal goodness.

The History of Tea

Tea originated in the East, dating back to 2737 BC. Originating in Asia, Chinese emperor Shen Nung was sitting beneath a Camellia sinensis tree while his servant was preparing boiling water. As emperor Shen Nung sat beneath the tree, the wind blew, pulling some of the leaves off of the tree, into the air and landing in the pot of boiling water. Shen Nung was a renowned herbalist, so he decided to try the herbal infused water that his servant accidentally created. To his pleasure, he discovered the plant-based beverage we now know as tea.

Indian history acknowledges Prince Bodhi-Dharma as the person who discovered tea. Prince Bodhi-Dharma who was an Indian saint who founded the Zen school of Buddhism.

Tea Magic

The magic of tea has always come from the healing properties of nature; the remedial leaves, herbs and plant materials our planet provides. There is nothing more miraculous and magical than Earth, the plants, the herbs, the trees and the natural wonder of the world. We have come to understand naturopathic medicine, and how humans are able to utilize what nature provides: to heal our minds, bodies, and emotional & spiritual states. Tea magic has been used by people of many cultures. Through tea leaf readings, the sharing of herbal teas for medicine and tea ceremonies, its ability to heal has become synonymous with the mystical.

Tea Leaf Readings

Tea leaf readings, also known as tasseography. Tasseography is a deviation or fortune-telling method that interprets patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments. Let us focus on the tea here. How did this interesting way of gaining insight originate? As tea originated in China and made its way to India, one-story discusses one afternoon where a group of tea leaf drinkers were sitting around and talking, when they noticed some symbols in their cups that reflected their conversation. It was then that tea leaf reading came into existence.

The ritual of tea leaf readings occurs when loose leaf tea leaves are put into a teacup (typically into a cup of lighter color in order to see the contrast of the cup to the leaves) with boiling water poured in over stop. The person who is having their reading told then sips from the tea until it has little water left at the bottom, leaving mostly just the leaves. The reader then analyzes the leaves’ formations and placements within the cup in order to determine what the person is going through, what has happened in the past, and how all of these details might affect their future.

How Do Tea Leaf Readings Work?

The idea behind the magic of tea’s prophetic capabilities is that while a person is drinking, their movements, energy effects the swirling of the leaves. So, when the leaves settle, it provides a shape that is unique to them and the reader can interpret the shapes.

Much like tarot card readings, tea leaf readings can offer you insight. There are many people who are biased towards the idea of fortune-telling or tarot cards having any validity. This is understandable, as the idea of looking for help in the bottom of your cup might freak some people out. Nevertheless, there are many firm believers in this ancient tradition, and that is ultimately what can make tasseography effective: belief. Whether it’s placebo or not, for many believers in tea readings it can be a very helpful ritual for emotional or mental balance.

Tea leaf readings are usually divided into past, present, and future. The reader of the tea looks at the loose leaf tea remains at the bottom of your cup and is able to offer some insight through their position that will be unique in every reading.

View the cup in thirds, the rip at the top, the middle and the bottom third at the base of the cup. Symbols near the rim and the top third of the cup will predict what will occur in the near future, usually within days. Symbols in the middle third of the cup are in the near future which typically predicts will occur in a couple of weeks. The bottom third and the base of the cup are in the more distant future, possibly a month away. In all three cases, the closer the symbols are to the handle, the sooner they will occur.

I know there is a lot of magic and mysticism surrounding tasseography, but tarot readings, much like tea readings are used with the intent of accessing a new perspective of a situation in life that may need attention. Sometimes thinking outside the box, or taking a unique and unexpected direction is the one thing that can lead to a breakthrough.

Herbal Tea Magic

Herbal tea magic is one of the most ancient ways of taking natural medicine. Combining water with the remedies of this Earth is one of the most magical ways of healing our bodies, minds, spirits and emotional states. Since each herb comprises many different naturally occurring chemical compounds that can be used to treat a variety of different health conditions, the possibilities are truly endless when it comes to creating a personal cup of tea magic.

Most people choose to use herbal tea magic to treat a variety of different sicknesses, illnesses, conditions, intentions, and difficult times of life. Herbal tea magic is one of the most natural, safe, and widely accepted by both spiritualists and scientists as a prominent healing method.

There are thousands of herbs in existence, and we are here to cover some of our personal favorites to keep in mind when brewing your own magic drink.


One of the most beautiful and popular amongst naturopathics and botanists. This purple flower is known as the calming keeper of any space, to your mind and your body. Lavender is used in not only tea for ingestion but as an aromatherapeutic herbal remedy, making it a master of almost all your senses (four out of five is a good score for an herb if you ask me).


Mint is one of the favorites in the tea magic world and not just for its taste. These little green leaves pack a punch of vibrant flavor and aroma. Mint works to provide a great smell and aids in stimulating appetite and fighting against digestive disorders as well as stomach cramps. Mint is soothing, but also can provide a boost of freshness and energy.


This herb is more known as a spice, typically used and popular in food and beverages. Its roots and leaves can be used to make tea, baked or cooked into a multitude of dishes, or taken as a natural health remedy. Ginger is an antioxidant that contains antibacterial properties that can aid in treating illnesses such as the common cold, nausea, flu, and can aid in improving digestion and appetite.


Another favorite among those who love aromatherapy, Rosemary is an herb that grows with light green stringy leaves. It is used to improve digestion, promote, cognitive function and acts as an antioxidant that protects the body from heart disease and cancer. Rosemary has made a name for itself more recently as a favorite additive for many celebrity chefs on popular cooking shows.

Not Herbal, But Fungi Make Very Powerful Tea!

Mushrooms of many kinds are incredibly rich and loaded with beneficial nutrients. There are obviously so many kinds of fungi - some good and others poisonous for humans - but the major players like Lion’s Mane, Reishi, Chaga & Cordyceps make for any tea-brewer’s dream.

Chaga & Reishi are excellent immunity boosters, as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-viral properties. Cordyceps is well-documented as a potent source of energy, boosting your mental focus at work or giving you an edge at the gym. Lion’s Mane is one of the most popular as it benefits the most important organ: the brain. Brewing mushroom tea, whether it’s one mushroom species or a superpowered blend, is a great way to supplement your health. Sick or ailing from an injury? Mushroom tea will get you back to you. Feeling healthy, just want to change things up? Fungi have the ability to enhance any lifestyle.  

Magic Mushroom Tea (...With Extra Emphasis On the “Magic”)

Although the intent of our article was more on the magic of tea in general, we needed to address the elephant in the room. Some of you might’ve come to this article expecting to see psilocybin, you might be surprised that we did not mention magic mushrooms once. Even though we did not cover magic mushroom tea, we felt it was necessary to mention the wave of acceptance surging across the country. As psilocybin gains traction in the medical/scientific communities, the end of the stigma surrounding magic mushrooms seems to be close at hand. Magic mushrooms, also known as the psilocybin, are typically consumed as a tea, or ingested as dried fungi. Psilocybin are now legal in parts of the United States, currently being legalized for medical purposes in regions like Oakland, CA and Denver, CO. There is a push for State-wide or even Federal legalization of magic mushrooms, so keep your eyes and ears open for news of this magic fungi in the near future.

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